Fandom Directory Cover
Cover Art by Earl Geier
Copyright Fandata Publications, 2000
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Fandom Directory No. 19 (2000-01 Edition)

ISBN: 0-933215-19-3
ISSN: 8756-8349
Paperback, 8 1/2" by 7", 528 pgs, Full Color Cover
Cover Price: $19.95

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Release: March 2000

The 2000-01 edition of Fandom Directory lists over 20,000 fans, collectors, clubs, fan publications, conventions and mail order retailers with full addresses and telephone numbers, including over 10,000 new entries, expanded email listings, and over 8,000 retail stores.

Fandom Directory is the longest running, most complete, and accurate publication of its kind. With the new Directory, you will be able to find old friends and new customers from all around the world (including over 2,800 listings outside the United States) by state or country, by interest, or by status (such as dealer, fan, convention, store, etc.) quickly and easily.

With Fandom Directory #19 you receive 528 pages of information, all in a single convenient volume, with easy cross references between topics and interests. Star Trek, Comic Books, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Movie Memorabilia, Trading Cards, Books and Paperbacks, Space and Science, Superheroes and Role Gaming, and over a hundred other interest categories are all well represented in the 2000-01 edition.

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